Snap Out Of It! – Waking Up to Conscious Living

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Personal Growth
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If you have given the Five Ways to Reboot Your Innate Essence a try you are probably thinking ‘well is that it?’ and the answer is ‘No…… there is definitely more’

The ‘more’ requires more effort, but lets look at it this way; you have started climbing a mountain, one you wish to reach the top of to see the beautiful view from the summit. You can choose to turn and go back down……or you can put more effort in and keep climbing. Any journey worth starting requires dedication, however don’t forget to enjoy the climb. It’s natural to set your sights on the end of the climb, the top of the mountain but there is also a lot to see and enjoy along the way.

In Five Ways to Reboot Your Innate Essence we looked at conscious living. We talked about finding things to be grateful for and consciously feeling the connection between your emotions and gratitude. Now it is time to look at that concept a little closer.

  • Conscious living requires you to think about what you are doing; to be present, mindful and aware.
  • Conscious living also involves being aware of your thoughts. These thoughts might be connected to what you are doing or they might be the self talk we have with ourselves constantly. The majority of people’s self talk is negative and criticising, often of themselves. Don’t believe me? Tune into your own self talk as much as you can for the next half hour. I believe you will be surprised how much your talk involves words such as; can’t, shouldn’t or should have, mustn’t, and I have to. Add to this the words we use on ourselves when we do something not up to our standards “I’m an idiot, I should have known better”,  “I can’t understand this I’m just stupid”, or when we compare ourselves to others, “I’m too fat” or “my teeth are too crooked” and I’m not pretty like…..”

So what needs to happen now is for you to be more aware, more conscious of your thoughts. Your self talk needs to be the same as talking with your best and dearest friend, using words of encouragement, praise, compassion and love. You will notice two things begin to happen; you will be aware of just how much self talking you do and, although you might still use negative talk at least you will be noticing it and be conscious of your ability to change it to positive talk.

The rewards for changing from living  life unconsciously to one of living consciously are at times immeasurable. You will notice there is definitely more joy and goodness in the world because you will become more attuned to the ‘small things’ and the richness of life, not so much from material things but more from what is intangible.

The more you become aware of your self talk the easier it becomes to change what you say to yourself from negative to positive. This in turn triggers awareness in other areas of your life. You might begin to notice that you are really not the negative labels you have been using on yourself, and because of this awareness your self esteem can only improve. You really have nothing to lose. I encourage you to give it a try and take the next step.


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