“What would she know about behaving in an organised way?” I hear those who know me ask. Well its not what you think ok? This term I have the scary subject titled Organisational Behaviour and I need to submit a 2000 word essay and a 2000 word Case Study. Should I say at this point I might not be doing a lot of blogging? I also signed up for Counselling Skills 2 with its own two essays plus case study but it is the OB that really worries me.

Apparently, on reading the Unit Overview, OB is really to do with the structures and management strategies within organisations and the effect these have on individuals and the workplace……heavy stuff. Might prove interesting though considering I already know quite a bit about how NOT to run a business…or should I rephrase that and say I know how to run one into the ground, since that is what management where I work have done. I might just use this company as my case study and find it great venting therapy without needing to seek counselling. And to top it all off the business has been sold so we are , if we still have jobs that is, looking at new management (well they can’t be any worse …right??) PLUS we havn’t been paid super for over twelve months…yeah great!!!  Clearly management DID NOT study Organisational Behaviour.

I need to address common patterns of behaviour within organisations including effective and ineffective practices…..I can do that….tick.

Talk about the effect of change within an organisation….tick

Explain the impact of stress, occupational health and safety and any other health issues on organisational efficiency…..double tick

As well as analyse the relationship between motivation and performance within the organisation….very little of that, but I will tick that one too!

So bye bye for a little while, eyes down and bum up…Distinction here I come!!

  1. I have nominated you for a “lovely blog award” for your insightful blogposts…thankyou!

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