Innate Essence: Let The World See Yours

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Personal Growth
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At the very centre of us all lies our innate essence. This essence is formed within us in the womb and can never be destroyed.

When I was young I used to worry that perhaps if my mum and dad had not met, married and had kids I wouldn’t exist at all and at other times I could convince myself that no matter what, I would have been born (to somebody) regardless… was just meant to be!!  I used to also wonder how different I might be if for example, I had been born to different parents or perhaps even been born in a country other than Australia. But what I felt sure about was, that no matter how ‘different’  I might have been, I would still be ME and this part of ME is called Innate Essence.

I am sure that no one is entirely bad or evil and that at the core of everyone lies this innate essence that shines the brightest when we act out of love and diminishes when we don’t. Perhaps this helps me understand how, despite sometimes the total lack of nurturing and even a raw deal with nature a human may get, he can still be a shining light in the blackest night.

For me, I realised one day that my essence had weakened when suddenly I saw myself as others saw me. I had begun to distrust everyone around me including my family. I had never felt this way before, but over the course of a few years I had slowly lost faith in myself and instead started to listen and believe others whose own innate essence had deteriorated. These people did not like themselves or others and believed it was a ‘dog eat dog world’ where you guarded what you had because if you didn’t someone would steal it. The day I received my wake up call I was shocked that I had fallen so far. I almost didn’t recognise myself. But I vowed then and there to be true to who I really was and it was then that I found what I really needed was inside me all along.

Of course there are always hiccups, life is never smooth sailing and I still find myself getting lost sometimes, but I remind myself that I found my innate essence once before in the utter darkness so I am sure I can find it in candle light.

When we are attuned to it we are kind and respectful to all living things. We are not jealous, impatient or mean spirited. We encourage and assist others to be the best they can be and rise up to be the best ourselves. There is also a lot of feeling attached to our innate essence. You might feel it in your ‘gut’ but often only when it is at its strongest. You can ignore it for sure, turn your back on it even, it is always up to the individual to nurture it. Innate Essence can fade away to a watermark but it never ever dies.

  1. balancedwesomeness says:

    Wow…super snap!!! Might have to share this…innate essence – got some links? Thanks for another very awesome post!

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    What an insightful blogpost! This blogger has it spot on!

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