Journal Writing: Expect the Unexpected!

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Writing in a journal is well known to be a reducer of stress because it calms your thinking during stressful times and helps you to sort out your feelings. Journaling can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be and I have found it to be an excellent tool in different situations. But whatever your reasons for journaling, there is far more to be gained than you could imagine. Before I even get started I want to warn you about what might happen once you begin to keep your journal. You might get hooked on it as a way to process all the crazy ideas, dreams, schemes or even problems that get into your head on most days…and that’s a good thing.

It makes it easier for you to;

 be creative.
 find and set goals.
 see the bigger picture.
find the solution to a problem.
focus your thoughts and find direction.
express yourself clearly.

Keeping a journal can also be the perfect way to record significant milestones in your life for others to read, in this way you are immortalising yourself. 

It may also inspire you to;

dream big or bigger.
want to gain more insights about yourself.
work at strengthening your relationships.

Some things you might like to write about……….

Your childhood

Your experience of university life

Things (and people) you are grateful for

Your daily life adventures

Living with an illness

Your holiday

Any of these can include poetry, quotations, sketches or photographs, just use your imagination.

You may eventually want to share your journal, but if you find you are gaining insights into yourself and others you might prefer to keep it private, if so don’t leave the journal lying around. If you are keeping it on your computer well, sure you do have more control but if you back it up onto a flash-drive and it gets lost who knows who might end up with it, so be mindful of this.

Even if you have never considered writing before, please give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  1. mlfables says:

    I tend to keep a ‘thoughts’ journal.

    I used to keep a daily journal, but I struggled to stick to updating it regularly. Now I keep a journal of anything significant that happens to me or that I notice in the news or around me. So nothing rigid, just random thoughts.

    Just getting my thoughts down onto paper sometimes provides me with short story material too. 🙂

    • rasajack says:

      It is a shame that a lot of people view their life as too boring to write about and miss the opportunity to use a journal or a blog in a creative way. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. balancedwesomeness says:

    Kind of like blogging …very addictive but soooo freeing

  3. Reblogged this on My Infinite Balance and commented:
    A great piece on why we blog, journal and diarise…blog that is new but certainly worth a view or a follow 🙂

  4. Very true. I was an avid blogger, mostly about my day-to-day life and random musings for a couple of years around 2007. It truly does help to capture a person’s motivations, creativeness and expressions, etc. And now that I’ve come back to it, it’s so easy with today’s technology! So many enhancements to incorporate into a person’s blog which makes it much more fun. 🙂

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