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“What would she know about behaving in an organised way?” I hear those who know me ask. Well its not what you think ok? This term I have the scary subject titled Organisational Behaviour and I need to submit a 2000 word essay and a 2000 word Case Study. Should I say at this point I might not be doing a lot of blogging? I also signed up for Counselling Skills 2 with its own two essays plus case study but it is the OB that really worries me.

Apparently, on reading the Unit Overview, OB is really to do with the structures and management strategies within organisations and the effect these have on individuals and the workplace……heavy stuff. Might prove interesting though considering I already know quite a bit about how NOT to run a business…or should I rephrase that and say I know how to run one into the ground, since that is what management where I work have done. I might just use this company as my case study and find it great venting therapy without needing to seek counselling. And to top it all off the business has been sold so we are , if we still have jobs that is, looking at new management (well they can’t be any worse …right??) PLUS we havn’t been paid super for over twelve months…yeah great!!!  Clearly management DID NOT study Organisational Behaviour.

I need to address common patterns of behaviour within organisations including effective and ineffective practices…..I can do that….tick.

Talk about the effect of change within an organisation….tick

Explain the impact of stress, occupational health and safety and any other health issues on organisational efficiency…..double tick

As well as analyse the relationship between motivation and performance within the organisation….very little of that, but I will tick that one too!

So bye bye for a little while, eyes down and bum up…Distinction here I come!!


At the very centre of us all lies our innate essence. This essence is formed within us in the womb and can never be destroyed.

When I was young I used to worry that perhaps if my mum and dad had not met, married and had kids I wouldn’t exist at all and at other times I could convince myself that no matter what, I would have been born (to somebody) regardless… was just meant to be!!  I used to also wonder how different I might be if for example, I had been born to different parents or perhaps even been born in a country other than Australia. But what I felt sure about was, that no matter how ‘different’  I might have been, I would still be ME and this part of ME is called Innate Essence.

I am sure that no one is entirely bad or evil and that at the core of everyone lies this innate essence that shines the brightest when we act out of love and diminishes when we don’t. Perhaps this helps me understand how, despite sometimes the total lack of nurturing and even a raw deal with nature a human may get, he can still be a shining light in the blackest night.

For me, I realised one day that my essence had weakened when suddenly I saw myself as others saw me. I had begun to distrust everyone around me including my family. I had never felt this way before, but over the course of a few years I had slowly lost faith in myself and instead started to listen and believe others whose own innate essence had deteriorated. These people did not like themselves or others and believed it was a ‘dog eat dog world’ where you guarded what you had because if you didn’t someone would steal it. The day I received my wake up call I was shocked that I had fallen so far. I almost didn’t recognise myself. But I vowed then and there to be true to who I really was and it was then that I found what I really needed was inside me all along.

Of course there are always hiccups, life is never smooth sailing and I still find myself getting lost sometimes, but I remind myself that I found my innate essence once before in the utter darkness so I am sure I can find it in candle light.

When we are attuned to it we are kind and respectful to all living things. We are not jealous, impatient or mean spirited. We encourage and assist others to be the best they can be and rise up to be the best ourselves. There is also a lot of feeling attached to our innate essence. You might feel it in your ‘gut’ but often only when it is at its strongest. You can ignore it for sure, turn your back on it even, it is always up to the individual to nurture it. Innate Essence can fade away to a watermark but it never ever dies.

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This is great advice to parents who think their daughter may have this syndrome and also those whose kids might be influenced by a ‘princess’. Please have a read and leave your thoughts or experiences.

Tailored Living Project

It amazes me how many princesses there are  and how many we as a society are actually responsible for…stay tuned for this interesting blog post later!

Hello Awesomers!!!

Well I have wanted to do this post for a while but today something happened that sent this dont-mess-with-my-kid mamma into a blind fury – ok so I contained it but I thought to myself…no way…not another child of mine getting pushed around.  You see today was the first time I witnessed another child BEING MEAN TO MY BABY!!! I know I know I know…this happens to all kids and I really do get it…but since I had not had this issue with Miss Moo 5yo before now I was blindly thinking I had skipped this dreaded bit of being a parent to a girl-child!  After all I had already been through it with my eldest and she had really been through…

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Writing in a journal is well known to be a reducer of stress because it calms your thinking during stressful times and helps you to sort out your feelings. Journaling can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be and I have found it to be an excellent tool in different situations. But whatever your reasons for journaling, there is far more to be gained than you could imagine. Before I even get started I want to warn you about what might happen once you begin to keep your journal. You might get hooked on it as a way to process all the crazy ideas, dreams, schemes or even problems that get into your head on most days…and that’s a good thing.

It makes it easier for you to;

 be creative.
 find and set goals.
 see the bigger picture.
find the solution to a problem.
focus your thoughts and find direction.
express yourself clearly.

Keeping a journal can also be the perfect way to record significant milestones in your life for others to read, in this way you are immortalising yourself. 

It may also inspire you to;

dream big or bigger.
want to gain more insights about yourself.
work at strengthening your relationships.

Some things you might like to write about……….

Your childhood

Your experience of university life

Things (and people) you are grateful for

Your daily life adventures

Living with an illness

Your holiday

Any of these can include poetry, quotations, sketches or photographs, just use your imagination.

You may eventually want to share your journal, but if you find you are gaining insights into yourself and others you might prefer to keep it private, if so don’t leave the journal lying around. If you are keeping it on your computer well, sure you do have more control but if you back it up onto a flash-drive and it gets lost who knows who might end up with it, so be mindful of this.

Even if you have never considered writing before, please give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

MRI of the Human brain.

MRI of the Human brain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am currently studying a Bachelors Degree online and whilst it may not suit everyone, I thought I might blog about the benefits and disadvantages of studying using this method. It is often called flexible delivery and I suppose this is a good term to describe it because it means that you can choose your own times to study rather than be restricted with having to attend university lectures at designated times. However, there are unpredictable and magnetic attractions waiting to lure you away from your mission of training your brain so before you sign up for online study, have a read of this.

Just the thought of going back to a school regime made me feel ill. I had never really liked school all that much but I did and still do enjoy learning. I was discussing dream jobs with a friend one day and I mentioned I had always been interested in counselling but felt I had left it too late. She convinced me that I could “absolutely still do it” and that I would also be great at it since I have a lot of life experience. It was enough to motivate me to search my options on the Internet and before the week ended I was signed up for a three year degree in Applied Social Sciences.

Of course I had to wait didn’t I! So patience was my first lesson. I could not access any study material since I had signed at the end of November and classes were not starting until February. My text book list was available mid January so I bought the first one I would need for the cheapest price available online and read it cover to cover. I was hooked.

Even though I knew I had enough spare time to put in the hours required, I also do some casual work and it was recommended to me I should make a roster to allocate my time properly. My first 1000 word assignment was due mid March so I set about with real enthusiasm that quickly dwindled when I realised I was a little behind the eight ball having finished high school in the 1970’s, never attended a college or university and therefore had no idea what was required in an assignment. Fortunately there was loads of information on the university website about presentation guidelines, the different styles of assignments and how to compile a reference list. But of course this was all extra reading that I had not planned on. I think I only just made the assignment cut off date and although I did receive a pass, the constructive criticism I received from my tutor was very helpful. Since that first assignment I have received a few distinctions and know I am gaining more confidence in my writing skills.

My whole schedule and following the roster has gone to custard and I never look at it to see what I am meant to be doing any more. What no one tells you about flexible learning is that life..and shit..happens! Sometimes my adorable husband has the same days off as me and we spend it together, other times he encourages me to study and that is great but boy can he be a distraction. He will put the television on or play loud music or talk to me and be astounded that I don’t answer him. Other days I will make my mind up to study and he will have organised for us to go out. And I find it very difficult to say no, my mind is saying ‘oh go on.. this can wait’ but my conscience is saying ‘you will regret this decision’…my conscience is usually right and I then have to rush to get an assignment finished.

My first term of study I enrolled to do two subjects and managed the workload, however I agreed to work extra shifts during the next term and so cut back to one subject. This was a mistake. My mind went into relax mode whenever I was home and so I kept putting off the study. My motivation dropped through the floor and then when I did find it, I realised I had to pull my finger out fast. But I got the job done and vowed to never again enrol for less than two subjects per term. Being busy actually keeps my motivation up.

Access to tutors and other students is usually only a click away and there is a stack of information about study and learning on the Internet so I have never felt alone or isolated at any time

The fridge and kettle were always calling in the early days but I soon became strict with this and made myself take regular breaks to the front door not the fridge door. Just walking to the mailbox, hanging out the washing or other small household tasks provide a much needed break from the computer or text books and you feel you have achieved a lot by the end of the day. Of course starting each day with a half hour walk is good for kick starting the brain too.

So yes, there are pitfalls to studying online but I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. Studying this way is convenient, comfortable (you can stay in your pj’s all day), less stressful (omg I’m having a bad hair day) and you can set your own pace. As long as you maintain fairly strict rules with your study time, keep motivated (keep reminding yourself what you will have achieved at the end) and remember to exercise your body as well as your brain (after all they are connected) there is no reason why you can’t have fun in the pursuit of training your brain.