Day 15 – Everyday Lightworker Challenge.

So so good and a reminder to be mindful


WELL PLANNED HOARDING – The illusion of the organised.

Day 13 – Everyday Lightworker Challenge.

My favourite so far ♥

Day 12 – Everyday Lightworker Challenge.

Sharp Iron

What’s it all about, anyway? Is postmodernism a good thing or a bad thing? Some people accuse others of being ‘post modern’, using it as an epithet.  Others wear the mantra proudly. But what does it mean?

There are plenty of opinions on this, from the pedestrian to the scholarly.  But I often find that they confuse the issue more than anything else.  As for me, analogies and anecdotes help me to understand things better, so with that in mind, here is my take:

A modern mind set claims to be logical and scientific.  It is based upon the idea that there are irrefutable propositional truths that are to be known. Not only are they to be known, they already are known and anything that is not in complete agreement with these truths must ‘logically’  be in opposition to these truths.  Something is either off or on, hot or cold, …

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Turning the Things That Hurt You into Things That Help Others.

Advertising and Children

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Advertising and Children.